Sunsetting for reporting hymn usage [FAQ]


In previous years, users without a Lutheran Service Builder subscription would need to report their hymn usage by logging into and submitting their usage there.

In 2023, the site will be sunset and become no longer available to users. Instead, of using the old site please set up an online Lutheran Service Builder account for reporting usage only.

Things you should know: 

  • Your Hymn License agreement and subscription will not be affected and you will incur no additional charges to your account.
  • To get started with this new reporting system, please visit to create your login.
  • Once you create your login, please email LSB support with your login email, church name, and church zip code to ensure your licenses are correctly applied.
  • Once your site is set up and licenses applied, you'll report on usage by logging into, creating a service, and adding your hymn list to the service. Please visit our article here for steps to report your usage manually.
  • In addition to reporting, you will need to include the hymn title, author, and composer names, along with proper notice of copyright after each instance of a copyrighted hymn on any documents or presentations you create using the following format:

    Text [and/or tune] ©xxxx[insert copyright holder name].  Used with permission.

  • For additional questions about this new process, please feel free to reach out to support by clicking the "Support" button and "Get in touch" to request a callback, chat with us, or send us an email message.