Importing from Lutheran Service Builder 2


The online version of Lutheran Service Builder can import files that have been exported from previous versions of Lutheran Service Builder. It can also import LetUsPray files provided by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and Creative Worship files from Concordia Publishing House. This is also the only method as of right now to import Creative Worship and LetUsPray files.

Creative Worship is a subscription for preplanned worship services. LetUsPray files are prewritten prayers provided for both the one-year and three-year lectionaries. These files can be downloaded as LSBX files and then uploaded into the online Lutheran Service Builder.

Once a file has been uploaded, it cannot be uploaded a second time regardless of whether changes have been made to it. The element that was originally imported has to be deleted. This is to prevent data being overwritten.

Here is how to upload an LSBX file to the online Lutheran Service Builder:

  1. Export an LSBX file from Lutheran Service Builder 2 or download a Creative Worship or LetUsPray file.
  2. Log into the online version of Lutheran Service Builder.
  3. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Select “Import from LSBX file…”
  5. Choose the file you would like to import.
  6. Click “Continue” to confirm that you would like to import the file.