How do I Import Let Us Pray Files into Online LSB


In order to import files for the individuals prayers in Let Us Pray you can step through the following:

  1. Visit and download the file for the appropriate Sunday Service and lectionary duration.  It will download as a .zip file so you will need to extract the .lsbx file from that .zip file (right-click it and choose Extract).  Along the way you can change the extraction location to a notable location.
  2. With your file downloaded and extracted, open Online Builder, go to the Gear/Cog icon and choose Import from LSBX file.  Now navigate to the .lsbx file you just extracted, select it and click Open.  The system will ask you confirm your action and will inform you when the import is completed
  3. Now, at any place there is a Prayer element in your bulletin, you can search for the Let Us Pray file by it's name.  Once you see it in the Search Results, you can click it for insertion into your prayer element

Check out the video below for a demonstration: