Internet Explorer 11 support ending soon!


What’s new?

In order to provide the best products possible, Concordia Publishing House is upgrading part of Lutheran Service Builder to add new features and better usability. This upgrade will impact views in which you can add text or formatting to an element, like when you add a new prayer in My Worship Resources. This change goes into effect January 2, 2019.

Unfortunately, this new feature is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11, which is the most up to date version of the web browser and the only version Microsoft still supports. If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend that you switch to a more modern web browser. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are fully compatible with Lutheran Service Builder and are much more secure browsers.


Which browser do I move to?

The browser you choose depends on your personal preference.

  • Google Chrome: Many people use this browser because it integrates perfectly with Android devices and has many features that benefit those who use Google’s various applications like Google Drive. However, this browser uses many other computer resources that may affect other applications.
  • Firefox: This browser is also a good pick for those who are worried about security. By default, the browser stops others from tracking online activities. However, it tends to be slower than other browsers.
  • Microsoft Edge: This browser is a perfect fit for those who like Internet Explorer and want additional features. The downside is that you can use this browser only on computers running Windows 10 and it is installed by default.
  • Safari: This is the default browser for MacOS and cannot be installed for Windows users.


How do I switch browsers?

You can get each of the browsers listed by clicking the name above, downloading them, and installing them. After the browser is installed, you will usually get a message asking whether you want to make the browser your default one. The browser will have a walkthrough on how to transfer over all your favorited sites.

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