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Hi all!

I'm Brad. I work at CPH in the user experience department. I maintain the help center and test Church360°®Shepherd’s Staff®, and Lutheran Service Builder®. CPH loves to hear from users about ideas and feedback on all our products. To make it easier for everyone to give us feedback about Lutheran Service Builder, we are hosting a community section in our help center. This community will allow you to ask questions and submit feedback. Questions will be answered by a Concordia support technician and can also be answered by other users. Feedback can be commented on and "upvoted" via other users’ feedback. If a feature idea has enough other users liking it, then the developers know the users really want that feature in Shepherd's Staff. 

To create a post in either General Discussion or Feature Requests, you will first need to create a Zendesk account. To upvote, you can click the up arrow on the side of a given post. You also can comment on posts to reinforce that you like the ideas. All posts and comments will be reviewed by our team, and then the developers will decide if they want to implement the suggested feature or change. This does take time because of how the development process works, so please have patience.

Feel free to post any ideas you have no matter how small or big. Even if it’s just the location of a button. If it will help you use Lutheran Service Builder more efficiently, then we want to hear about it.

We look forward to reading your suggestions!




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