Preparing a Bulletin


The Bulletin view is where all the parts of the service can be added to the bulletin. The editing abilities in this view are limited, and it might be easier to do some editing in a word processor. At the top of the view is a toolbar that changes based on which service part or element is selected.

The Document tab is the home of the most basic options, such as selecting the bulletin format and the Order of Service. If the Order of Service is selected in the planning view, the bulletin will automatically generate with placeholders for readings and hymns. This tab is also where you can export the completed bulletin as a Word document, RTF file, or HTML file. 

The Insert tab shows other parts or elements of the service that can be added to customize the service. To use this, first select the part or element you want to add. Then hover your cursor over the spot in the bulletin you would like to add the part or element, and then click on that spot. The search menu will appear on the right with the list of available options for the part or element you are adding.

Depending on the part or element that is selected in the bulletin, a third tab will appear. This tab contains options that are specific to the part or element. The option to move or delete the selected part or element is always available. If the option to move is selected, a series of dashed lines will appear on the bulletin displaying where the element can be inserted. If you press ESC on the keyboard, the move option is canceled. 

Option groups like the Hymn of Praise and Creed allow you to choose one of multiple options that can be used in a service. These option groups appear in the bulletin with a blue bracket next to the element. Clicking on the arrow next to each blue bracket will display all options that can be selected for that element.

After a bulletin has been created, it can be saved as an Order of Service so that it can quickly be used in the future. To save an Order of Service, click the save button next to the Order of Service drop-down menu on the Document tab. 

Here is how to prepare a bulletin:

  1. From the calendar view, select a previously planned service or plan a new service.
  2. Select "Prepare Bulletin" in the upper right corner. This will change the view to a preview of the bulletin.
  3. In the Document tab, select the format for the bulletin and the Order of Service.
  4. Select the Insert tab, and use the icons to insert any elements you want to add.
  5. Select any hymn or reading placeholders, and use the side panel that appears to assign your desired hymns and readings.
  6. Review the bulletin.
  7. On the Document tab, click “Export” and select the file type you want to export the bulletin as.