The Document Tab


The Document tab is the first tab in the navigation for the presentation and bulletin views. This tab contains basic options that change and allow you to export the entire bulletin and presentation.

The Export button allows you to export the presentation or bulletin. Bulletins can be exported as a Microsoft Word, RTF, or HTML file. Presentations can be exported as a Microsoft PowerPoint file or Media Shout 6 file.

Next is a drop-down menu containing the various formats, with an Edit button next to the menu that allows you to edit the formats.

The next drop-down menu contains all the Orders of Service that are in Lutheran Service Builder and My Worship Resources. The Save button next to this menu allows you to save the bulletin or presentation you are working on as a new Order of Service that can be used in the future.

Here is how to use the document tab:

  1. In the bulletin or presentation view, click the Document tab in the upper left corner.
  2. Select the options you desire. Changing the Order of Service will remove all previous changes made to the bulletin or presentation.