Inserting an Element


A variety of elements can be added at any time to a bulletin and presentation. After you navigate to the Insert tab in the top navigation and click on the Element icon, a series of dashed lines will appear in the bulletin. These lines display where an element can be inserted. Pressing ESC on the keyboard will cancel the insert.

When you are inserting a hymn or prayer, a panel will slide out on the right side of the screen allowing you to choose a specific hymn or prayer from Lutheran Service Builder or My Worship Resources. A third tab will appear in the top navigation depending on the element; this tab will display additional options for the element.

Rubrics and captions, both as their own elements and as part of other elements, can be edited after being inserted by double clicking on them. All inserted elements will be formatted based on the selections in the Format drop-down on the Document tab.

Here is how to insert an element:

  1. In either the bulletin view or the presentation view, select the Insert tab in the top navigation.
  2. Select the type of element you want to insert. Gray dashed lines will appear where the element can be inserted.
  3. Select the location to insert the new element.
  4. If applicable, choose from the options that will appear in the right slide-out panel.



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  • I wasn't able to insert a common element in Presentation View. OK to do it in Bulletin view. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Hi Dave,
    It looks like you also messaged the support team a couple times on Wednesday. Can you let me know if you were able to get help with this or able to resolve the issue?

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