What does my License cover? [FAQ]


Online Lutheran Service Builder uses the elements found in the Lutheran Service Book published by Concordia Publishing House. As with all copyrighted materials, certain permissions are required in order to print and display these resources for public use.

Here is a breakdown of what worship resources are covered under our five licenses.

  • The LSB subscription includes the Liturgy license and technical support via phone, live chat, and email.
  • The Liturgy license covers things like divine service plans, responsorials, prayers, and propers in the first part of the Lutheran Service Book.
  • The Hymn license allows for hymns from the Lutheran Service Book to be exported. This is an additional license and must be purchased separately.
    • There are a few exceptions that the Hymn License doesn't cover due to holds by their copyright holders. When adding a hymn to a bulletin or presentation, you may see a message stating that a hymn isn't covered by your current licenses and will ask if you have a license from the current copyright holder that will allow you to reproduce the hymn.
    • The list of excluded hymns can be found in our Lutheran Service Book Hymn License Agreement.
    • The Hymn License also covers hymns from The Lutheran Hymnal or TLH (a book separate from the Lutheran Service Book).
      • Please note: There are some hymns in this hymnal still under copyright. Concordia Publishing House allows them to be used under the Hymn license but if a hymn component isn't in public domain, the church will need to include the copyright information.
      • For a list of hymns that are not under public domain and the copyright information to be included, you can find it at the TLH Copyrights page.
      • Elements from The Lutheran Hymnal are not included in Lutheran Service Builder. Users will need to manually import engravings as custom hymns into the software.
  • Concordia Organist includes pipe organ accompaniments for the hymns and liturgies in the Lutheran Service Book. This is an additional license and must be purchased separately.
  • One and All Rejoice is a license that includes the hymns, liturgies, and prayers from the One and All Rejoice children’s hymnal. This is an additional license and must be purchased separately.



Notes: You can create an account at app.lutheranservicebuilder.com and set up services but can't export any bulletins or presentations without a purchased LSB subscription.