What if we observe the Michaelmas Skip? [FAQ]


After the church holiday of "Michael and All Angels", some churches may want to use the Michaelmas Skip, meaning they skip ahead in the order of propers so that the propers for "Last Sunday" in the church year will follow the propers for Trinity 26. It's mainly a re-alignment in the order of Propers being used after the holiday of "Michael and All Angels".

We provide links for Trinity 20 - 26 below on their corresponding dates that you can click on to 'import' the service into your church calendar on the appropriate dates. 

In 2022 the propers are in the following order:

October 2 - Trinity 20
October 9 - Trinity 21
October 16 - Trinity 22
October 23 - Trinity 23
October 30 - Trinity 24
November 6 - Trinity 25
November 13 - Trinity 26
November 20 - Last Sunday

Note: The imported service may take a couple of minutes to appear, after clicking the Import button.
Note: You may need to refresh your browser page or navigate to a different month in the Calendar, for your imported service to show up on the Calendar view.