Reporting Hymn Usage Manually


Lutheran Service Builder allows users with only a hymn license to manually report their hymn usage through the software.

For users with an LSB subscription, usage reports are automatically generated and sent to CPH based on the number of in-person worship instances denoted when planning the service. Manually reporting is not necessary for those with an active Builder subscription.

To report hymn usage without a current Builder subscription,

  1. Go to and log into your church account. If you do not have a church account with your hymn license, you will need to contact your software consultant to set that account up for you.
  2. Navigate through the calendar view and click on the date of the service you are reporting on. We recommend reporting your usage monthly to maintain accurate reporting but reporting needs to be done quarterly at the very least.
  3. Clicking on the date will open the list of Propers for a service. Click the "Plan this service" button to open the service plan.
  4. Click "Add hymn" under the Hymns section in the planning view and use the search box that appears to the far right of the site to find and select the hymn you are reporting. You can search using hymn names or numbers.
  5. Continue to add any additional hymns you'll be using for this service.
  6. Once all hymns are added, go to the right of each hymn and select which stanzas you'll be using as well as whether you'll be using the text or melody setting of the hymn. Note: The Melody option includes text.
  7. Next, you'll need to navigate to the Usage section and select how many In-Person Worship services your church will use the hymns for.
    • Users will simply need to report on how many public, non-virtual services the material will be used for. If you have 8am, 9:30am, and 11am services using the same hymn list, you will report three In-Person worship uses. If the services are also streamed, the In-Person count will still be three.
  8. Click the "Report Usage" to confirm your choices.

In addition to reporting to CPH, it's also required that the hymn title, author, and composer names, along with a proper notice of copyright after each copyrighted hymn using the following format:

Text [and/or tune] ©xxxx[insert copyright holder name].  Used with permission.

Note: You will notice a blue "Subscribe" button at the top right corner of your screen, showing that you do not have an LSB subscription. This means you will not be able to export services or elements from your LSB site. If you are interested in purchasing an LSB subscription so that you may create service plans, bulletins, presentations, and playlists directly in the software (along with all elements being reported automatically upon export), please contact your software consultant on pricing for your church.