My Worship Resources Overview


My Worship Resources is a collection of all the custom prayers, hymns, liturgies, and other elements you can use when building a service. Once an element is created, it can then be added to any service bulletin or presentation. This allows you to completely customize each service.

My Worship Resources contains several categories. Each allows for the addition of responsorials, stanzas, engravings, and many other types of content. Each element should always be added to the category it best fits in so it can be easily found for future services; prayers should always be added to "My Prayers” category, hymns to the “My Hymns” category, and so on. “My Common Elements” is a catchall category for personalized benedictions, greetings, and other elements that don’t fit into other categories.

“My Tunes”, “Psalm Tones”, and “Copyright Holders” are different from other categories. The content in these categories is simply used for reference in other elements. The content that can be added to them is also more structured and only includes pertinent information like contact information for a specific copyright holder.