My Liturgies


 My Liturgies is a worship resource that contains all custom Orders of Service. These Orders of Service can be created in either My Liturgies or the bulletin or presentation view. The view is split into three sections, with a fourth that will appear depending on the part of worship that is added.

On the left is a filter listing all the Orders of Service and categories. When you select a liturgy, a center and right part of the view will appear. The center lists all the parts of the service that are in the selected liturgy. The right section contains various pieces of information relating to the content that is selected; the view will change based on what you select. For hymns and readings, you can add suggestions that will appear when you plan the bulletin. At the bottom are the Add, Remove, Reset, and Save buttons.

In the upper right corner of the center section is an Insert button. Clicking this will list different types of elements that can be inserted into the liturgy. Selecting one will display a line in the center view indicating where the element can be inserted.

At the bottom of the Insert list are options called “Option Group” and “Group”. An Option Group consists of several elements from which you can choose to use (e.g., choosing between the Gloria in Excelsis and “This Is the Feast”). A Group is a group of elements that are always done together. An example of this is the Distribution in a service. Instead of adding each element, an Option Group can be added that includes all the parts. Option Groups can be included in a Group.

Here is how to make a custom Order of Service:

  1. From any view, click the settings icon in the upper right corner, and navigate to My Worship Resources > My Liturgies.
  2. Add a category or a liturgy by clicking the Add button in the lower left corner.
  3. In the upper right corner of the center preview, click the Insert button and select the type of element you would like to add.
  4. Fill in the information about that element in the right side panel.
  5. For hymns and readings, select any suggestions if desired.
  6. Click “Save” after the liturgy is complete.