Creating a Custom Element


Adding a custom element allows for complete personalization of a service and the ability to create a unique service for any occasion. Each category represents a type of element that can be added into a service. My Common Elements is a catchall category for custom benedictions, introductions, and other elements.

Note: This article applies to adding custom elements in My Prayers, My Hymns, and My Common Elements. My Liturgies, My Copyright Holders, My Psalm Tones, My Templates, and My Tunes will be covered in a separate article.

The My Prayers, My Hymns, and My Common Elements views start with the same three-part view that is used throughout Lutheran Service Builder. The left side is a list of all the items that are in the selected element type. Categories can be added to the list to organize it. The center part of the view shows a text field where the content of the element can be created and formatted. Above the format bar are tabs for different types of content that can make up the element. Content types include these:

  • Text—This is for elements that consist of text only, like prayers and blessings.
  • Text with Stanzas—This allows you to number and add text for stanzas. You can also select which stanzas will be used when you plan the service.
  • Melody—This allows you to add text and then insert a melody line that will always be visible.
  • Melody with Stanzas—This allows you to add an engraving of a song, which can show both the verses and the melody line. This is most useful for adding hymns.
  • Setting with Stanzas—Setting with Stanzas should be used if you want to add the entire sheet of music for a song.

These elements can be added by clicking “Add” in the bottom left corner and selecting the appropriate element.

The right part of the screen contains information that changes depending on what type of element is selected.

Note: The view can be changed quickly to show other worship resources by clicking the title in the upper left corner. Clicking the title displays a drop-down menu of all the different types of worship resources.


Here is how to create a custom element:

  1. From any view, click the settings icon in the upper right corner and mouse over “My Worship Resources”.
  2. Select the type of element you would like to add.
  3. In the bottom left corner, click “Add”.
  4. Name the new element and move it into any category you like.
  5. Different resources have a variety of content already added by default. To add other content, click the “Add” button in the upper right corner of the text field.
  6. Add anything to the content by using the text editor in the center portion of the screen.
  7. Fill in additional information in the panel on the right side of the screen.
  8. Click “Save” in the bottom right corner.